Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tokyo Motor Show

At the motorshow today, I plan to do what most people do at motorshows, which was to take plenty of snapshots of pretty cars and the pretty gals beside them... =P The problem with digital cameras is that the battery always seem to run out faster when photo opportunities present themselves aplenty. It's like there's a correlation or something! Anyway, in preparation of such an event, I always have a spare battery on hand.

Things started well and I was happily snapping away with my aging Canon Ixus, when the dreaded battery icon started to flash on my camera screen. As I reached into my bag to get the spare battery, I realized that I left my spare battery with Sakai for some forgotten reasons! Earlier on, our delegation had splitted into two groups and Sakai was leading the other group. The situation likens to being in a chocolate factory and having no appertite! There's so many photo opportunities here but my dead camera can't take pictures.

Solution? Appoint a photographer. The Moroccan GM for sales was so happily snapping at everything and anything, that he willingly obliged to share with me all his pictures. Please enjoy some of them here....

Lexus LFA Concept - Damn bloody nice car!

The new RAV-4 (front)

The new RAV-4 (back) - Think about it, Wanli


Daihatsu Copen: Cute like the MR-S [I'm test driving it tomorrow =) ]

Daihatsu Pretty

VW Polo GTI! The VW booth was the best booth IMO ^_^

King of Cars! 23 Skyline GTR! _/ ̄\○"

Nice touch by Mini =P


Matsunoki said...

woohoo~ the new rav 4 is really worth saving up for...
color nice also leh...
sorry couldn't meet up while u were around, pal. hope u enjoyed yrself...

yep, eventhough so, do ring me up when u get back: ps. ya, i saved yr no. so i ll know who called!

keke, wanli

Sencha said...

It definitely is! I wonder about the interior cos I've not seen it yet.

Yup I enjoyed myself but it was too short anyway.

Urmm...that number was a prepaid number so the next time, its gonna be another number.

Another thing, your blog seems to be down...


kelly said...

The New Rav4 looks great! Nice colors too, better start saving.

2 cents worth said...

wow! is it you in the yellow? im damn falling in love with you girl......woo hoooo