Sunday, November 20, 2005

Back to Africa!

My next business trip takes me back to North Africa. And yes, I'm flying Air France again! For those of you who have been following my blog, I had two previous bad experiences with flights related to France. As if on cue to avoid disappointment to anyone reading, some incident did happen and I'll share them here.

My flight to Algeria was a MEA/AF coach sharing flight connecting at Paris CDG airport. 40 minutes before arrival to airspace around CDG, the pilot announced that the airport will be closed because of the bad weather so our flight will be directed to Paris Orly airport, the nearest airport. Which was a good thing for me because, I forgot to mention, me connecting flight starts from Orly. I don't have to take the airport bus to transfer between airports. Unexpected good new, Yey!

Anyway, my MEA flight landed about an hour after being re-directed to Orly. As the plane lowered to the ground, all the passengers could see clearly that thick, wet fog that enveloped the Orly airport. It must have been impossible to land the plane without instruments! The visibility was about 400 m. Fortunately, the plane made a safe but bumpy landing and everyone clapped.

And that concludes another eventful trip...;P

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