Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Movie Etiquette In Beirut Theatres

I watched Spiderman 3 at Verdun Dunes cineplex last Saturday. The movie was a good sequel to the previous spiderman movies as it had some interesting plot and character development to offer. However, I'm not going to review the movie here, instead, I want to comment on the behaviour of movie goers in Lebanon, especially at Verdun Dunes and Hamra Concorde cineplexes...

Movies like Spiderman, X-Men and Harry Potter are not children movies! Parents, please do not overestimate the attention span of your children and think that they can sit still for an entire movie. When you let them watch movies beyond their league, they become restless.

Restless children in the cinema don't behave, they started to draw unwanted attention to themselves through:

  • crying
  • talking to other movie goers
  • running about
  • standing on front row chairs and start WAVING at the rest of the audience!!!

Contrary to what parents may believe, your children stop being cute at these moments. Also contrary to what parents may believe, letting your children disturb other movie goers is not socially accepted behavior in civilized countries.

The theatre is not a country club. Do not come to the theatre if:

  • you seemingly don't understand English, and,
  • you prefer to chat and joke with your friends;
  • you want to engage in an sms message conversaton with someone

Instead, save your hardearned 9,000 LL (SGD $9.00) and go somewhere else for coffee and snacks with friends.

When somebody shush you, it means he/she wants you to be quiet. Do not shush back and start a shushing chorus with your friends and subsequently involving half the audience. Perhaps you may not easily comprehend but people are actually there to watch a movie.

A movie is not the same as a play or musical. Movie goers do not have to clap:

  • when the movie opens,
  • everytime the hero vanquishes the villain,
  • when the credits roll

Do not catcall or jeer at the screen everytime an intimate scene comes up. Keep your sexual insecurities to yourselves.

Having said that, I would like to add that movie going has been the most enjoyable experience at Empire ABC at Ashrafieh. The theatres seats are comfortable and well positioned to ensure a good view of the screen. And, most important of it all, a well behaved audience.

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