Friday, September 23, 2005

Apartment Hunting Woes Ended

Finally, I am moving to my own apartment soon. I took a semi-furnished studio apartment in a newly renovated apartment that is not far from downtown Beirut, my workplace. The rent isn't cheap for a place that isn't big, and I had to stretch my budget a bit for it.

It's just big enough for one to two person. Not as cramped as a Japanese apartment but slightly bigger. I like the place because of the furnishing and interior design (I can be such a sucker!), that I was willing to overlook its few drawbacks: No space for a washing machine, no balcony, and not located near any major supermarket.

I spent the entire day yesterday buying stuff for my new home, accompanied by Sakai and newfound friends, Nabir and Samir. Nabir commented that my apartment is indeed too small for the price I paid and offered to help me look for a bigger and cheaper apartment that is located in a more convenient location. Let's see what comes up...

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