Thursday, September 15, 2005


In Algeria, Morocco or Lebanon, people often ask me where I come from? When I said Singapore, quite a number of them nod their heads and said, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, indicating that they have some geographical knowledge about South-east Asia.

I remembered telling some Singaporeans that I was leaving for Beirut, Lebanon but stopping over at Algeria and Morocco first. The responses were amusing but disappointing.

"Where's Lebanon?"
"Where's Algeria?"
"Is Lebanon in Africa?"
"What kind of country is Beirut?"
"Middle east? Are you going to be shot at?!?!"

And Singapore is a highly globalized society....
.... 分かるな...I think we need to better our geography and current affairs knowledge in schools...


Anonymous said...

haha...and i am one of shoot me. :P


Sencha said...

To tell the truth, I didn't know much about these countries either other than which continent they belong to. I even confused Lebanon, for a short while, with Libiya. I am not much better than the rest of us.