Saturday, July 21, 2007


Dinner conversation with colleagues at our hotel in Casablanca.

A (58 years old): How to sleep 6 hours without waking up?

B (60 years old): Impossible! The most I can sleep is straight 5 hours without waking, especially after drinking. I set my alarm everyday but I always manage to beat the clock in getting up.

A : Yes, yes ... usually I'm up, looking at the alarm and waiting for the it to go off.

Sencha (gasps incredulously) : Wow... And I'm complaining that I have difficulties waking up every morning.

B : You are still young. As you grow older you start to require less sleep.

Sencha (thought) : Darn! I don't wanna grow old....

Mental note to self, start enjoying my full night's sleep for as much as I can before I grow old.

Dinner - Oeuf Benedictine

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