Monday, March 24, 2008

Dinner @ Thu's

My host for the evening, Mr. Thu

Two evenings ago, I was invited to the guesthouse of my Malaysian colleague, Thu, for dinner. He made me a simple but satisfying meal.

I love his place. It is way better than anywhere I've stayed in Algeria. WAY!!! So I had to take some pictures for my blog.

In my opinion, got European standards lor....


Kamakhya said...

I am an Indian and will be in Algiers on official work from 30th March to 7th April.
I have the following queries.
1) How safe is Algiers?Are there any areas that one should avoid?Any precautions that one should take?
2) What should one see in Algiers?Can one see the Casbah without any danger?
3) Are there any places nearby Algiers that I can make a day trip to?
4) Any other tip that you would like to provide?

Sencha said...

Hi Kamakhya,

1) I think safety is relative. Personally I still think that the security condition in Algeria isn't stable yet. Algiers can be considered safer than other wilayas but it has seen its fair share of terrorist incidents.

Still the number of foreign expats are on the rise.

I think the basic common sense precaution applies in Algiers such as not following strangers home, don't leave your precious stuff unattended and not to go out alone at night.

2)& 3) You already mentioned Casbah. There are some places that you can visit such as the museum or the national monument but I think you will be disappointed. For night life, try La Veranda. Make reservations.

4) Try to have means to access a supermarket like Carrefour, Galaxy or Opera because you will want to cook for yourself. The food in Algiers gets boring after a while.