Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Healthy Eating

Did I mention that I've moved into an apartment in Beirut?

The thing about having an apartment instead of staying in a hotel is the freedom. When it comes to food, I have now the choice of not eating out everyday.

Although on most days while eating out, I opt for green salads. Sometimes, I would like to have hot food. It is becoming a bother because most of the commercially prepared hot food are pastas, burgers and subs, which are greasy and high on carbs and sodium.

So now I can try to do some of my own cooking. And the Kenwood steamer FS360 comes to the rescue. It comes with:

  • Three or two transparent basket layers allow multi food steaming eg fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit, puddings, rice, eggs
  • Oval basket design for optimum capacity

  • Removable easy clean stock tray retains the nutrients for use in stock, gravy etc

  • Inclusive 1.2 litre rice bowl for cooking rice, various marinated food stuffs or deserts within steamer

I like steamed food. It's guilt free eating with all the natural flavours and nutrients preserved and takes less time to prepare.

Steamed chicken breasts with some soy sauce, lettuce and red chili


Esther Garvi said...

Wow, that looked really, really nice! Ever tried a solar cooker by the way? Also cooks really healthy... Works well in Niger!

Pradeep said...

Just to let you know that there are two singaporeans and one malaysian based in bejaia, algeria (is about 200km east of algiers).
We travel to Algiers occasionally and we will be there this weekend.
Call me on this number : 0770982658


Sencha said...

Esther Garvi,

I thought you were pulling my leg. But after googling, I realized that indeed solar cookers exist. Now I'm hoping to try the quality of the food it cooks.


Sencha said...


Thanks for the number. But are you sure you wanna leave your number on the internet like that?

Guess you haven't receive enough prank calls yet?

Anyway, I'm in Lebanon now, will be arriving in Algiers soon.

Will be calling.