Friday, May 30, 2008

The Mattress Incident

When on the road, the quality of simple stuffs like clothes, food, accomodations and means of transportation can make a lot of difference to the travel experience.

My trip in Algeria didn't start well. Yesterday, I found out two things:

1) My means of transportation, a Corolla, which I am sharing with 2 other colleagues, now had to be shared also with over 10 ICTs*. That means my freedom of movement is somewhat curbed because I cannot have all time access to the car.

I can stomach this because it takes a little advanced scheduling and everyone can be satisfied. What I couldn't stomach is the following:

2) I discovered that the mattress in my room at Palm Beach had been swapped with one that is inferior. Consequently, I couldn't get my quality sleep last night because of that.

I thought the guesthouse management swapped my mattress because I hadn't been living in the guesthouse for a long time and my mattress was of good imported quality provided by my company. A little investigation this morning told me that I was wrong about them. A Japanese director from my headquarters company in Beirt is now implicated. The investigation continues...

Dear XXX san,

Yesterday I arrived to Palm Beach guesthouse. During bedtime, I discoverd that my mattress, the one I brought from Cheraga guesthouse had been switched.

My mattress had been switched with a very old mattress that caused backaches. I could feel the spine of the bed for the entire night because the mattress was too soft. As a result, I couldn't sleep well because of that.

This morning I checked with the Palm Beach attendant and a ICT, they told me that you exchanged my mattress with Chinese ICT six weeks ago

May I understand if this is true and the reason why my mattress was changed?


* ICT: (Inter-company transferees) Employees belonging to our distribution companies in other countries transfered to Algeria to work for a length of time.

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