Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Update From Casablanca

Although I have so much to blog about, I had difficulty accessing a computer until when I arrived in Casablanca. I got a temporary notebook from our local office here. When I was leaving for Europe, I didn't want to bring my notebook along but I didn't expect to miss it.

It had been a very long trip starting since I left Beirut in late April almost one month ago with a large backpack worth of clothes. I'd spend most of my time visiting parts of Europe and Turkey for vacation and for a little business. After my arrival last Wednesday in Morocco, the travel bug apparently hasn't stop biting. Over the weekends, Xinyi and I joined our colleague and his wife on a road trip to Tangiers.

I should be travelling again this time at the end of the week, to Algiers, provided if I am able to get my Algerian visa before the week ends. All because I wasn't able to return to Beirut from the Europe trip due to the political unrest there.

Updates from Lebanon confirmed that the Beirut airport has re-opened. However, I wish to evaluate if the calm will persist in Beirut a little longer before deciding to return. In the meantime, I will be settling in my second home in Algiers.

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many things to blog about. I've yet to update my entries about the Prague business trip. As things had been moving so fast, I missed the opportunity to blog and upload my photos of the exciting Europe trip to the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, there's the Istanbul and Tangier trip that deserves their separate entries along with lots of photos too.

With so many thing to come, I wonder when will I ever get the time to blog about all of this long trip.


Phaeton said...

Ah !

I was wondering where the two of you were gone ! :^)

Glad to know you safe and fine.

Good luck for the blog entries photo set up, it's a total mess when you get yourself overwhelmed by ! X_x

Welcome back in Algiers in advance !

anna said...

Great experience! Nice blog.
Muito interessante a sua experiência.

Sencha said...

Hey Phaeton,

Thanks for the kind words. I'll try my best.