Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bangkok Thai: Restaurant Thailandais

I kid you not, this was on the menu of Bangkok Thai, the Thai restaurant in Draria, Algiers which I frequent. I think the restaurant is making a huge mistake on it's erm...Satay is not Thai food?

Having said that, Bangkok Thai is one of my favourite restaurant in Algiers. It is the only restaurant I know that serves decent Thai food. No surprise here since the entire kitchen crew hails from Thailand.

Catering to local palette, the taste was scaled down so the food is not as spicy as true Thai fare, and also it is a lot saltier. But after dinning there several times, the chef, perhaps, learnt about our preference and tends to be more generous with the chilli and will do away the extra salt or MSG.

The Tom Yum (Mixed seafood soup with coconut milk) must not be missed. I never fail to order it because I felt it combines the best of both worlds: authentic Thai cooking and fresh Algerian squid. I usually give away the prawns to my dinner companions because of my allergy. The fragrantly wok-fried Kao Pad avec Viande (Fried Rice with meat) is another favourite.

Tom Yum Khom with Algerian squid

Appetisers: Satay and fried spring rolls

Main: Fried rice (back); (front): Pa Ka Pow beef (left) & green curry / cari vert (right)

One flip side though, the Pa Ka Pow (Stir fried) beef is not authentic but nevertheless delicious. Everytime I order the dish, it came tasting more Chinese than Thai. This could be due to the miscommunication between the Algerian waiters and the cooks because I think I'm being served another dish on the menu - Stir fried beef with oyster sauce.

But one can hardly fault the kind and gentle Algerian waiters there. By local standards, their customer service standard in Bangkok Thai is one of the best I've seen so far. That's if I go easy on the mandatory long waiting time and the frustrating communication barriers, of course. But these happens everywhere in Algeria.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with memorabilia that seemed to have come from Bangkok's Chatuchak bazaar. What I like is that the place is kept clean and odorless. As with most restaurants in Algeria, ventilation is bad. Restaurant dining areas are filled with strong smells straight from the kitchens. This is not so obvious in Bangkok Thai.

The restaurant also provide a saloon for customers to relax. During hot months, there are two sheltered tables in the outdoors but there is no view. I'm told that there is a massage palour complete with a Thai masseur on the second floor of the restaurant. The service is provided only for women only (because the masseur cannot touch men?!).

Restaurant Bangkok Thai

Outdoor dinner area

Overall, I like this restaurant despite some drawbacks. Especially, I'm not used to paying such a high price for the kind of Thai food served in the restaurant, which, in Thailand are considered standard fare. (5 000 DA or 72 USD for 3 persons). But anyone in Algeria who enjoys good Thai food, Bangkok Thai is a must try.

Bangkok Thai
Restaurant Thailandais
Lot. "C" No 71 Draria - Alger
Tel: 0221354897 / 0552984940 / 0770925050


Anonymous said...

saha aamou



Anonymous said...

I love thai food, and I am always excited when going to this restaurant, it reminds me holliday.... Hope that more restorant will open with more authantic food

Sencha said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm glad you enjoyed Thai food served by the restaurant as much as me! I surely hope they will introduce more authentic Thai food in the near future.

Anonymous said...

yo dude why you're so arrogant when you criticize ? Masseur cannot touch men ?! I hate this man, can't you just understand that these people have a different culture than you ? If you're not happy just don't go there man. If you see something that you really don't like, tell it in front of them, let them know what displease you from the way you're.

Don't get me wrong, you have also cultural practices that I think are from the stone age, not necessary to make a list. Yes I'm talking about you Asians people. Get real man!

Sorry for any grammar issue ok? I speak 3 languages and I'm just trying to learn English as well! Education is here!

An Algerian!

Elias said...

*from the way the're

Elias said...

damn *they're!


Sencha said...


Dude, why are you so defensive? I am merely stating a fact that the masseurs there cannot touch men. Was I wrong to say that?

Do I need you to teach me that cultural practices are different everywhere? Again I merely expressing a regret/bewilderment that I couldn't get a massage there because of such a cultural practice.

Why make a mountain out of a mole hill? No big deal! Relax, man!

Anonymous said...

Hey there !! To the owner of the restaurant I would like to say that ur restaurant is really cool and the atmosphere is awesome too . But regarding the food it wasn't in my expectation . My wife she's half English and half Thai she wasn't happy with the quality and the taste . The price is really expensive . We were 5 of us there and we ate starters and main courses no dessert and it was £200 . We could have a really nice dinner and dessert and some drinks for 6 in London it won't cost us more then £120 . Over roll I like ur restaurant and need some improvement or some flavours in the food and it would be nice if u reduce ur prices . Like this we could afford it 2or 3 times a week . Thank u .momo from London .