Friday, February 17, 2006

Art of Living Abroad

Living abroad requires a sense for adventure and the will to try and err. Important lessons are always learnt (oft times must pay school fees)...

Lately I've learnt that...

...when it gets really cold, I like to wrap myself in the quilt like a "popiah" (Chinese wrap) when I sleep
...even if my bed is super-single sized, I should have gotten a queen-sized quilt
...I'm getting fat
...I should not have bought the ceramic portable heater because it lights up like a Christmas tree at night when I want to sleep!!! feels terrible to crawl out of my nice warm blanket/quilt in cold temperature
...luncheon meat costs triple here is very cheap (SGD 0.80/can)
...I own two knives, two ladles, two pasta scoops because I forgot that I bought them before
...because I don't speak Arabic so when I want to buy a green pepper, I ended up with 1 kilo
...1 kilo of green peppers is very cheap compared to Singapore (less than a dollar)
...I can eat green peppers like I eat apples

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