Monday, February 13, 2006

February 14th in Lebanon

To the world, February 14th is Valentine's day. Perhaps everyone is trying to blog about their love experiences so close to V-day, which is why I had so much difficulty logging into blogger today.

In Lebanon, February 14th this year marks a full year since the ex-prime minister, Rafik Hariri was assassinated (just 400 m from my apartment!) Last year's post V-day saw the largest ever demonstration by Lebanese calling for the withdrawal of Syrian control over Lebanon. I expect a repeat demonstration to take place this year as well and I would not be surprised if it takes on a religious overtone. After all, its been less than a month since the prostest sparked by the Danish cartoon controversy here.

Investigations by the UN is still on-going as to who is behind the Hariri assassination. Some evidence pointed to the possible involvement of Syria but the evidence had been dismissed by critics citing ulterior motives. Several months after the Hariri bombing, some prominent anti-Syrian figures had been targetted and assassinated. Some public places had also been bombed but without serious casualties. The mastermind behind these political killings remain unknown today.

Hence, it's everyone guess what will happen tomorrow. Big demonstration? Bombings? Flag burnings? Political rallies? Hopefully the day will pass smoothly without any lives lost.

As for the rest of the world and to my girlfriend: Happy Valentine's Day!

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deepsix said...

Happie V-Dae to U too! ^_^