Monday, March 20, 2006

Lunchbox in Algeria

For the past eight days, lunch arrived in a box. Sometimes dinner too if there's no dinner appointments. The lunchbox in our Algerian office is no simple fare. Here quantity means everything, sometimes more than taste. Within the box is a box of salad, a bag of baguettes, a box of main course with sides, a packet drink and a fruit. There used to be another box of starter inside consisting of some meats until it was voted out of the menu to save cost.
I think I'm eating more than the recommended daily servings of vegetables for the past few days at lunch. I tend to keep my expectations low when it comes to lunch boxes and airline food. Tasty food don't seem to come hand in hand with aluminium foil packaging. But I'm somewhat amused by my colleague, who is suffering from eating too many lunchboxes during this trip.

Colleague: *Sighs* Same things everyday!
Sencha: Like in the army. They serve the same food in the army everyday.
Colleague: How is it?
Sencha: Not too bad today...
Colleague ate some chicken croquet
Colleague: Yewww...This is nice?! You must have loved army food.
Sencha: Yeah I can live with army food

1 comment:

Marc said...

The food in the photo doesnt look that bad at all! I think army food is worse... I love airline food!