Saturday, June 23, 2007

Algiers To Casablanca - 22 June

Normally, I don't enjoy visiting Casablanca because it's so darn hot there. But this trip was an exception. I will be leaving for Singapore via Casablanca.

On a different note, I don't own any cats but I'm sure cat lovers will agree that they do the darnest things right?

Saw this cat at the Algerian airport while waiting for my departure. I took a picture of it washing it's face at a mini fountain outside a duty-free shop IN THE MIDDLE of the airport waiting lounge.

Looks like it just woke from a good night sleep and was trying to freshen up. Perhaps it owns the place. Xinyi pointed out that the cat is sporting a square top. How it got past airport security was beyond me.

After landing in Casablanca, my colleague and I decided to follow through with our rightful return to "civilization" by heading to MacDonalds. (MacDonalds is still not available in Algeria). We bought the latest promotion burger known as the Big Tasty.

After tasting, I want to change the name to Only So So Big and Tasty.

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