Monday, June 25, 2007

Flying Back To Singapore - 24 June

The east bound flight from Casablanca via Dubai to Singapore could be described as a progressive upgrade in the modern retailing experience.

Casablanca's Mohammed V airport, inferior even to the Algerian airport, occupies the lowest end of the spectrum. It seriously lacks a nice and comforting retailing environment. For a tourist country, its airport is unhygenic and inefficient.

Dubai International Airport occupies the more developed end of the spectrum. Its duty free stores carries products that appeal to people that the airport receives. On one hand, there are branded items for the business class travellers. On the other hand, there are no lack of electronic goods and indigenous souvenirs for the ordinary tourists. When I'm there, I'm always tempted to find something to buy.

In my consideration, Singapore Changi Airport is even one rung above Dubai's airport in the retail experience. There are so much more amenities to be found besides the shops I thought amenities like the nature garden, kid's playground and movie areas really caters to the passengers' varied tastes while in transit.

There's also free broadband access which is a good way to lure in potential customers too. Otherwise how can you explain why Samsung and Sharp want to place many laptops around the terminals for free use by the passengers? Subtle marketing?

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