Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dîner Au Restaurant Bon Gerbil

This is one of the few nicer restaurants in Algiers. It has a good ambience and serves mostly French food with a little bit of local twist. We visit this place occasionally when we have guests. I remember being invited here for my first dinner after coming to Algeria.


Some of our visitors from our trading company in Japan with Algerian local staff.

Cozy Interior

Selection of French and Algerian wines

Fireplace for winter season

Al Fresco Dining Area

The restaurant was almost empty when we arrive for dinner (7pm) because Algeria normal dinner time starts after 8.

Al Fresco dining in Spring time

Mixed salade: Octopus, shrimps, lettuce and springrolls

Entrecote: My dinner.

French courses are so slow, by the time my steak arrived, it was already dark...


Racquel said...

that restaurant looks terrific! I can see that you're having great time.. =) the food looks yummy, too..

Sencha said...


Thanks, I had a great time in that restaurant indeed.

Visited your blog and it has many interesting things I didn't know about Morocco.

scar said...

hi Sencha,

Where exactly is this restaurant in Algiers?