Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Is That My Car?

I was blog surfing (at work!) when I came across these blogs.

Almost couldn't refrain from bursting out in laughter.

Parking Idiots in Singapore: covers reader contributions before 2007
Singapore Parking Idiots: covers reader contributions after 2007

I'm just glad to know that I'm not alone out there...

Anyone interested to start a blog about parking & driving idiots in Algeria.


Phaeton said...

"Anyone interested to start a blog about parking & driving idiots in Algeria."

Not enough life span nor 3w bandwidth to get this 13th labour of Hercules done ! O.O"

I think i'll just pass ! ^^"

Marc said...

wah.... I have been missing out on my blog reading!..... didnt know i missed so many entries! hahahha... now I have an overload of Algerian information! Still love your blog dude!

Sencha said...


Yeah I know it is an incredible task. Hope you don't get offended but I don't think I'm far from right to say that the country's full of driving idiots....$%^@!!!

Don't get me started on the Algerian drivers or I will get into a discourse on creative Asian dialect expletives!

Sencha said...


Habibi (My dear in Arabic)! S'up with you dude? Been a while?

Thanks for keep the faith with me man! (-_<)v