Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prague (Part 2) - Updated

After my coworker from Algeria arrived, we went to for a short excursion to Prague's renowned Old Town Square for a visit and dinner.

The Old Town Square and the nearby Charles Bridge (more than 600 years old) offered amazing sights of wonderful architectural structures that are rich in history and culture.

After spending an evening soaking up the fabulous medieval-ish European atmosphere, I've decided that I cannot adequately capture the moment in words. Unfortunately, my poor skills with the camera don't do justice to the pictures I've taken either.

As the evening draws on, it got colder (around 5 degrees) and we were inadequately clothed. Taking the recommendation of our taxi driver, we found a local restaurant that is "less touristy" to take our dinner near the square.

Here's some pictures that do the Czech historical sites gross injustice...but anyway... (I'm going to add comments later).

Streets Around the Hotel
A type of Czech architectural styles

Big Loreal office building and store: Eat you heart out, ladies!

Around the Old Town
Dancing Building named after Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers: Could you guess who is who?


Old Town Square
Approach to Old Town Square

It's romantic to walk to Old Town Square in the Evening

The Astronomical Clock Tower in Old Town Square

Old Town Square

Astronomical Clock & Tyn Cathedral

Tyn Cathedral

Jan Hus Memorial

Great looking building

Doorway to Tyn Cathedral

A puppet shop

Another nice building - Byzantine syle?

Stone carved decorations

Charles Bridge

View of Prague Castle from Charles Bridge

My Algerian Colleague

Dinner @ Apetit
A recommendation from the cabbie

Cozy interior

Traditional beef meatball soup

Bohemian style beef with dumplings (the white bread-ish thingie on top

Trufito or something...Nice!


Anna said...

Belíssimas fotos!

Shiva said...

amazing pics...
have u captured them urselves?
by which cam.?

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Miley said...

Nice Post, Prague is really a lovely place where you can experience their culture, history. Old town square is my favorite place. Where you find people taking walk, breaks, eating and taking pictures. the atmosphere there is very friendly and touristic.There other Prague places to visit includes Dancing building, Astronomical Clock
Charles Bridge, Wallenstein Gardens, Prague Castle and many more