Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I arrived in Prague via Istanbul. This is the initial leg of a first long trip to the European continent, excluding all the airport transits in Paris in the past. I will be in Prague for two days for a business trip before leaving for Netherlands on vacation.

My flight to Prague was an ultra early flight via a long transit of 5 hours in Istanbul. It was reminiscent of my first flight to Algeria where I reported for work for the first time in late 2005. I was similarly stuck in Istanbul airport for quite a while then.

As I've only just checked in (I'm blogging from the hotel business center), I've yet to see the splendor of Prague, a much touted city of architectural and historical marvel.

Since tomorrow's business itinerary will be starting a bit late, I'm waiting the arrival of another co-worker before planning to catch a glimpse of some of the interesting places that Prague can offer later in the evening and tomorrow morning. And of course, to have a glass of the famous local pilsner while I'm at it. Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures here...

Ripping off the hotel postcard ^^''

Main building of Hotel Movenpick, my hotel, is in the foreground. Looks like a school doesn't it?

Lobby of the main building

Says here I need to take the cable car to the executive wing. Same car as seen in the hotel postcard.

Glimpse of my room

I'm about to raid the minibar!!!

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Yong said...

lookin forward to some good drinking in the netherlands with you!