Friday, February 22, 2008

Algeria's Mobile Phone Numbers Change

Got this piece of information from Harmony in Setif

Starting February 22nd, 2008 there will be an extra number appended to
mobile phone numbers in Algeria. It will be added to the front of the area code.
And it will be a duplicate number. For example, if the mobile number is
072-66-65-99, 072 being the area code, then the new number will be
0772-66-65-99. So you just double the number in between the zero and the first
number in the sequence.

For international callers you will omit the zero and add 213 to the
front. So the new number to dial would be 213-772-66-65-99.

Which means that I need to get a new sim card from IT and update again all the numbers of my Algerian contacts. Anyone coming from Algeria? Bring me a new sim card please?


Phaeton said...

Oops !

Thought you've heard about it as the information is carried on every media for more than a month from now.

Well, the 9-to-10 phone digits switch is operational since last night 1 AM, it's a messy work updating all the contacts, but one of the operators, Djezzy not to mention it (The James Bond-like O7 operator) is kind enough to send a self-updating SMS to its customers, needless to say that i am not a Djezzy customer ... -__-"

It may go unnoticed, but you have to append a specific digit number to each operator :

- For Djezzy, it's "7" (0770,0771, O772, 0773 ... even the former 09x has to become O79x)

- For Mobilis it's "6" (O661, 0662, 0663 ...)

- And a "5" for Nedjma ~Big up for my Op !~ (0550, 0551, 0552, 0553, ...)

Thanks for Harmony's blog link, it skipped my 3w Algeria'bout blogs scan ! :^)

Sencha said...


Djezzy did send out a sms notification a while back but it was in French so I ignored it.

My latin colleague managed to guessed the meaning.

I still have not updated my contacts and since there is a grace period, I'll probably wait till the last minute =P

You're welcome!

bathmate said...

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