Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Apartment Hunting Continues/ La Tabkha ~ Cuisine Libanaise

Update of situation in Algeria

Remember my Palm Beach guest apartment at Sidi Fredj? Recently, we received 6 more occupants from Syria. As designated Inter-Company Transferees (ICTs) from our Syrian distributors, they will work in our distributor company in Algeria for a year to study and learn.

There was a major lack of planning and coordination. The ICTs arrived without the means to shop, move about or cook by themselves. Transportation is only provided to and from office. Dinner catering is by the same lunchbox company that our expatriate group have sworn off (read about it here). Already I heard about complaints that they are sick of the catered food.
As the locals often say to foreigners when situation FUBAR: "Welcome to Algeria!"

Apartment Hunting in Beirut Continues

We have shortlisted a couple of apartment around the Hamra region. Before decision time at the end of this week, we hope to visit again and evaluate the candidates again.

Candidate 1:
Pros: Price, location, size, kitchen, looks reasonably well maintained and cleaned
Cons: Old (furnishing looks circa 70s), depressing looking bathroom

Candidate 2:
Pros: Location, size, well furnished, maintained and clean
Cons: Price (electricity cost an extra $30/mth; internet connection for $100/mth), small kitchen, bathroom reasonably ok

Candidate 3:
Pros: Location, nicely furnished, comfortable lifestyle oriented, well maintained and cleaned, functional kitchen
Cons: Price, size, proximity to construction site

La Tabhka - Cuisine Libanaise

Discovered this restaurant several trips ago but didn't really get to try it's food until we were apartment hunting last weekend. A simple restaurant chain that serves lebanese traditional cuisine in a modern ambience.

Restaurant facade at Hamra area (facing Plaza Hotel and Lina's)

Vegetable platter (left) Lebanese Mezza buffet salad of spinach and lady fingers (right)

Lebanese Eggplant with minced meat stew served with rice (Makloubeh?)


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