Saturday, February 09, 2008

First 2009 2008 Post

This is my first post in 2009 2008. Damn, I really know how to procrastinate.

The beginning of the new year had been an exceptionally busy time for me with all the planning duties I had to do back in Beirut headoffice.

Some changes may be in due as my job responsibilities have changed slightly. I probably will spend less time in Algiers and more time in Beirut. It is also likely that I will be travelling more extensive in the MENA region outside of Algeria and Morocco.

As a follow-up to our Marrakesh trip end of last year, deep-sixed made an entry that can be read here.

I'm leaving for Beirut tomorrow. Will blog more when I'm there.


Phaeton said...

"Will blog more when I'm there"

By then, make sure to shift back your calendar, you're one year forward or i guess so ... maybe there's much more time zones than i thought ... MANY much more i mean ! Oo"

Hope to read you ASAP, kisses to Xinyi if you don't mind ! ^^

Sencha said...


Thanks for pointing out that mistake in the year. Seriously, I may be suffering from a permanent jet lag that I forgot what time I'm in. =P

Xinyi sends her regards too.