Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Late Lunch at The Maharaja

Last Saturday, a Japanese colleague introduced us to Maharaja Indian restaurant in Beirut. Coincidentally, there is a Maharaja Indian restaurant in Algeria and also in Singapore but they are probably all unrelated.

According to the brochure, one gets to dine in 'authentic Taj Mahal atmosphere'.

What I love about the restaurant? A good view of the mediterranean ocean.

Nan with cheese

Basmati rice

Not sure what it's called in Indian but suffice to say it's curried eggplant.

Spinach gravy

Chicken curry! So sedap!!!

Although the food was quite delicious, the restaurant wasn't a popular choice with the local population because during the time of my visit, it was fairly empty while the Lebanese restaurant besides the Maharaja was full.

Address: Sporting Club Bldg., Chouran Street, Raouche, Beirut
Tel: 961.1.743915 - 961.1.742275

The Maharaja in Cheraga, Algiers

Since we are on the topic of Indian restaurants, I wish to also introduce the Maharaja in Algiers. I'm not sure about the exact address but it is located around the vicinty of Galaxy supermarket.

Restaurant facade complete with welcoming party of one.

The interior was quite lavish by Algerian standards.

More Indian food! The taste of the curry fromage was particularly memorable!


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Nader R said...

mediterranean sea not mediterranean ocean