Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lord Of The Wings

Yesterday's dinner in Gemmayzeh was at a restaurant with a name that has a nice ring to it (no pun intended). Specialty of the restaurant? Buffalo wings (duh! of course) with a choice of 12 flavours. The restaurant also serves good BBQ ribs as well.

Inspiration behing the name: Pictures of a middle earth map decorates the restaurant interior

Buffalo wings available in 12 tastes
Buffalo wings in Lebanon are small compared to Singapore

And not hot and spicy enough too

Highlight of the dinner: Yummy ribs!


Anonymous said...

i looooooovvvveeeeee this place!!!! can't wait till it opens in Dubai!!!

Anonymous said...

and by the way, you check check it now! it has upgraded its menu items!! many yummyyyy things!