Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back in Beirut/ Apartment Hunt Begins Again...

Somebody pointed out to me that I am blogging ahead of my time (See the post below). Thanks Phaeton.

The weather improved before I left Algiers. It wasn't cold and there was plenty of sunshine. People were coming out to the sidewalk cafes near Palm Beach. I managed to enjoy a late afternoon run at the forest of Bachaoui last Friday weekend. The parking situation there was terrible as hell as there was a huge crowd there.

Clearly, I had chosen a wrong time to return to Beirut. Weather forecasts said it will rain for most of this entire week. Compared to January, the temperature has gone up a bit so it is no longer cold but it is definitely wet. The wet weather makes it difficult to move about in the city.

That is inconvenient considering that I am apartment hunting again. Management told me that this year, I may be staying more in Beirut that last year. I already had a difficult time hunting for apartment in 2005 when I first arrived in Lebanon (read about it here) so I'm not looking forward to this.

Apartments within our budget (Deep-sixed's and I) and criteria are limited in supply. The choice location, Hamra, is within the vicintiy of Lebanese universities, AUB and LAU. Apartments below USD 900 were quickily taken up by students of these universities since the semester had already started.

We are aiming to get a furnished service apartment because we will be travelling frequently and hate having to clean up after returning. It also doesn't make sense to rent one that is too costly and too big because we won't be around much to enjoy it.

Based on past experience, I want an apartment that comes with a kitchen so that I can prepare my own food. Eating those fajitas and sharwarma sandwiches caused me to put on so much weight in the past.

Deep-sixed is concerned about bathroom. They shouldn't look too rundown and old while the water pressure should be decent. Quite a few of the apartments we looked had shabby bathroom.

With so many requirements, will we ever be able to get an apartment we want?

The hunt continues.....


Nadine said...

Hi Sencha,

I have a nice 2br 2ba duplex apart in Palm Beach, with concierge, laundry room, gym room, garage, patio, heating/cooling, etc. Too bad you left Algeria, I would have loved to have you as a tenant. There is plenty of water :-))

Nad at nadbou2005 at ymail dot com

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

did you ever find an appartment? I need one urgently for this coming semester... :( for about $600 max.. in hamra... can u help me out?